SAM-BA, NAND, u-boot and bad blocks

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SAM-BA, NAND, u-boot and bad blocks

Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:44 pm

My forum search didn't turn up an a definite answer... So my question is..

Is it possible to
1) burn NAND flash using SAM-BA (Linux + RFS) (skipping bad blocks)
2) Have u-boot nboot linux and be aware of bad blocks that may
exist in the linux image block.

The sequence works when there are no bad blocks in the Linux image.
Do I need to use u-boot to write Linux instead of Samba?
The RFS is UBIFS and bad blocks are handled.

Thanks in advance...
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Re: SAM-BA, NAND, u-boot and bad blocks

Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:37 pm

From what I have seen, Samba will do simple bad block skipping, which seems to be the proper method for handling bad blocksin Linux. For uboot, you need to use the nboot.jffs2 command, which also uses simple bad block skipping to read the kernel. You should also use "nand write.jffs2" and "nand read.jffs2". Even though these commands say they are for jffs2, I think the only thing they really do is add the simple bad block skipping function to the base "nand read" and "nand write" and "nboot" calls.
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