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Nandflash on At91sam9260-EK

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:42 pm
by Rasmus77

I have created an application for the At91sam9260-EK and tested in the SDRam and Nand flash via Sam-ba Tool.
This work’s fin.

I have then created a new board with At91sam9260 processer and a different Nandflash attach to it.

The NandFlash on At91sam9260-EK name is :: :: Samsung K9F2G08U0A

The NandFlash on My Board name is :: Nand256W3A2BNGE

My application can be written to the Nandflash on At91sam9260-EK but not to nandflash on My Board.
The Hardware upset is working fine on My Board, so I think it have something to do with the Sam-Ba tool init of Nanadflash.

Any help will be appreciated.