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Demo-SW for AT91SAM7X256 for KEIL uV4 somewhere ?

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:04 am
by terbo
I have adopted an AT91SAM7X256 SW written under a “non-KEIL” IDE.
That SW currently runs OK on an ATMEL SAM7X-EK (Evaluation Kit).

I simply need to convert that SW to our development environment, which is:
- AT91SAM7X256 (same MCU)
- KEIL uV4.70.0.0
- The board_cstartup.S must NOT contain auto-vectoring for IRQ (but a branch to local “irqHandler”)
- I use a simple memory model with only SRAM “RW” + “ZI” (stack, but no heap, no C-alloc needed (I assume))
- ULINK2 debugger (assume that info is irrelevant)

I would very much appreciate a link to (or actual code) a framework for this configuration.
This seems like a trivial task, but I cannot find a “perfect match” which does not generate all kinds of different (linker) problems.

Regards Terje Bøhler