Atmel Studio 6.2 Beta and SAM-ICE (AT91SAM-ICE)

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Atmel Studio 6.2 Beta and SAM-ICE (AT91SAM-ICE)

Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:45 am


I've been running 6.1 successfully with my SAM-ICE.  Now I'm trying to get 6.2 Beta to talk to SAM-ICE but with no luck.  After much fun with drivers and rebooting, I can say that My Atmel Studio 6.1 installation works fine with the ICE, two versions of J-Link Commander see and talk to the ICE, but Atmel Studio 6.2 doesn't see it -- meaning I cannot choose it as a Tool for a project.  (Project - Properties - Tool Tab - Selected debugger/programmer).  The Tool tab reports the error, "Unsupported tool/device combination".    

I've tried opening the same project from both 6.1 and 6.2.  I've tried creating a new example project for my sam4e_ek board from within Atmel 6.2, but with no luck.  

My device is a sam4e16e on a sam4e_ek evaluation board.

Sure hope someone else has seen this too.  

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Re: Atmel Studio 6.2 Beta and SAM-ICE (AT91SAM-ICE)

Tue May 06, 2014 10:52 pm


I have the same problem. I had 6.1 studio installed and everything was OK. But then I installed Atmel Studio 6.2 beta and got the same problem for example project for SAM4S-XPLD board
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Re: Atmel Studio 6.2 Beta and SAM-ICE (AT91SAM-ICE)

Wed May 07, 2014 12:13 am

I fixed the problem by:
- uninstall AS6.2
- uninstall AS6.1
- uninstall Atmel USB driver
- install AS6.2 (including USB driver)

Now it works
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Re: Atmel Studio 6.2 Beta and SAM-ICE (AT91SAM-ICE)

Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:10 pm


I've a similar problem. I've installed Atmel Studio 6 (Version: 6.2.1502 - Service Pack 1). I run the program on Windows 7 - 64 bits and use the SAM R21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit.

When I go to Project->Properties->Tool, I get the same message "Unsupported tool/device combination". 

In the device manager panel, there is an entry called Jungo Connectivity, and under it, WinDriver. There is another entry called libusb-win32 devices and under it AT32UC3A3 (which is a little bit suspicious).

I have tried the following things:
- Update the drivers from the device manager.
- Uninstall Atmel Studio and the Jungo driver. Install again Atmel Studio and the USB driver, and plug in the board.

None of them have solved the problem. Any help is welcomed.


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