ASF Device Change when "move to target"

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ASF Device Change when "move to target"

Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:51 am

I use Atmel Studio 6.2 (AS) for the SAMD20J18 on my XplainedPro evaluation kit (EK). Quite a lot SW for the final product is developed on the EK. Now I want to move to my target PCB, which has a SAMD20E17 MCU:
I entered the AS and did the following:
"Change Device..." + "Device Selection" --> "ATSAMD20E17" + OK.

I then got a pop-up message saying:

Atmel Software Foundation
ASF does not support device change since some of the existing modules in the project may not work.

I pushed the OK-button, saved my work and exit AS. Then I re-opend AS and I see (Properties + Device) that the MCU type is changed to "ATSAMD20E17" nevertheless !

Q-1: Can I trust AS so my code now really is compiled OK for the new/changed MCU type (ATSAMD20E17) ?
Q-2: If not, must I re-build my "kernel-SW" (include/collect all basic ASF's and manualy modifiy previous possible changes to these ASF/kernel-files), or is there another/smoother way to "move to target (with a slightly different MCU type)" ?

Best regards Terje Bohler

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