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AVR Dragon Problem

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:51 pm
by acroale
Hey, buy a AVR Dragon recently but I did not succeed to make it work.
The problem is that when connected to the PC by USB cable the dragon is not recognized by Windows 7 as a new hardware. PC does not detect it at all. I'm feeding the dragon with an external power supply , 5 v. All he does when you turn on the external source is the LED turn orange or yellow as I could read atmel page for the status of the yellow LED means: Firmware Upgrade or Initialization. To always be with yellow LED lit I connect by USB cable, but there is no way to update the firmware because as I said earlier Windows does not detect it as new hardware. If I disconnect the external power supply 5v dragon keeps the LED orange / yellow flashing . I ask for help to solve this inconvenience I'm having with the dragon. Thank you!

I think not be a problem for drivers since I have installed the latest version of AVR Studio, just in case reinstall the drivers without success.

In the Device Manager windows seven no new hardware does not appear when the dragon is connected to the computer.

I tried to reinstall all the drivers, reboot computer, other USB ports, but always the same: The led which is nearer to the boards edge is always orange/yellow.
In the atmel studio 6.2 the software do not give me the opportunity to choose tha AVR dragon in the tools menu.
i tried to reinstall all including, atmel studio 6.2, atmel driver package, and before it i have unplugged the dragon. After the installations finished, i rebooted my computer just for sure, than i plugged the dragon but to do this I was not successful.

Re: AVR Dragon Problem

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:23 pm
by acroale
achieve solve the problem, turned out to be a problem with the USB cable to the new replacement was solved.