Debugging freezes Atmel Studio 7

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Debugging freezes Atmel Studio 7

Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:05 pm

Hi guys,

i'm having issues debugging a SAM4E MCU with the Atmel SAM-ICE in Atmel Studio 7 (Win10): Sometimes debugging works as expected, but often Atmel Studio freezes when hitting a breakpoint or during single-stepping through the code. The LED of the SAM-ICE goes out, turns red and then starts flashing very fast. I then get the notification "Atmel Studio is busy" and a pop-up "Waiting for an operation to complete". I usually have no choice other than closing Atmel Studio by killing the Atmel Backend Component process in the task manager since the Studio completely freezes.

I tried installing the newest J-Link drivers (v6.64) and starting Atmel Studio as administrator, but this didn't solve the problem. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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