3 USB Devices on AT91SAM9261 DevKit

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3 USB Devices on AT91SAM9261 DevKit

Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:53 am

I'm having trouble connecting 3 USB devices to my AT91SAM9261 DevKit in CE and having all work. For some reason the last device fails to load. I tried 3 Flash Sicks, 2 Flash and 1 Mouse..etc. All the time the last connected fails.

I'm also trying to load Linux on it to confirm the USB issue in Linux too, but having trouble there to.

Can someone please try to connect any 3 USB devices thru external HUB or 2 to an external HUB and 1 to the other USB Port in Linux OR/AND CE and let me know if it works for them?

Any 3 devices, 3 storage USB Flash sticks, or 2 Storage and a Mouse...etc.

This will be greatly appreciated... I want to see if this is a CE driver issue or AT91 hardware issue.


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