TDM configuration of SSC controller on AT91SAM9G25

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TDM configuration of SSC controller on AT91SAM9G25

Mon May 20, 2013 8:48 am

Dear all
I'm working on AT91SAM9G26-EK. We have developed a small daughter board to be connected on the IO expansions (J1/J2/J3 connectors) of the AT91SAM9G25-EK. The daughter board is equipped with a Slic device (Silicon labs Si3210) and a codec (WM8974), both interfaced to the processor by SSC bus.
My request is to access in TDM mode both the codec and the slic from the processor. Of course both the devices must be accessed in concurrent manner.
I cannot find any running example or how to to properly setup the SSC controller to work in TDM mode.
Can this be done? Does the SSC support a TDM configuration? In other words can SSC be programmed to use different time slots to interface the SLIC and the codec in a TDM manner?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

fabio antonini

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