SAM7-P256 boot problem

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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SAM7-P256 boot problem

Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:00 pm

Hi, I recently purchased a SAM7-P256 devboard from Olimex. When I plugged the device in it refused to accept any address given to it by the kernel. So I decided to put it into the SAM-BA boot mode thing with the following procedure:
1. Power down the SAM7S-EK
2. Close the Jumper JP5 named TST
3. Power up the SAM7S-EK
4. Wait 10s
5. Power down the SAM7S-EK
6. Remove the Jumper JP5 named TST
7. Power up the SAM7S-EK

However, when I plug it in now, there isn't even an acknowledgement that a device is plugged in. It's like there is nothing there at all. The power light on the board still comes on, but thats it.

Any ideas?


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