Advise on Signal Processing Application on ATSAM9N12-EK

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Advise on Signal Processing Application on ATSAM9N12-EK

Mon May 11, 2015 9:28 am


I have recently started working on ATSAM9N12-EK and my goal is to develop a small Signal Processing application ; something which can read real time audio, process it(filter it) and output some results on the screen.

I need to know the procedure to go through the project. What I can think of right now is to

1. develop back end in C++.
2. develop QT Gui and integrate it with Back end.
3. Compile the application for the target using cross-compiling tool chain.
4. Import the whole application on to the board.

Have I got the steps correct ?
I need some help on steps no 3 and 4. May be a demo of Hello world or any example project, helping material would be appreciated.


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