Atmel Studio 7 + Atmel ICE SWD output?

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Atmel Studio 7 + Atmel ICE SWD output?

Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:23 pm

Hi all!

I am developing circuits with the new SAMS70 MCUs. To understand and learn the system I am using SAMV71 Xplained Ultra board and currently have one prototype board equipped with SAMS70N20 (with SWD pins to debug/develop). For many reasons, Atmel Studio 7 would be the environment.

My goal is to have a printf-stlye debug output for the prototype boards.
If I use the Xplained board, I can use EDBG well and watch things in a serial terminal window. Normal "stop-debugging" works well too.
If I use my prototype board, I can use my Atmel ICE with SWD to run and "stop-debug" the app. The program is very low level, not even a FreeRTOS. With this configuration, I don't know how to get any output from the MCU. There is the ITM in it, I was able to make it work, it sends pair of bytes (0x01 and the byte) on SWO pin with any baud rate I want.
But how to capture them with Atmel ICE and display in AS7??? It would be good any solution that makes my sent data readable. I do even read binary output, no problem. I don't mind if the additional 0x01s are captured and displayed... but don't want to use an extra curcuit (or the Xplained ultra) to capture the SWO UART stream somehow.

Does anyone of You had such goal and problem? Why am I not able to find any answer or solution on the net?

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Re: Atmel Studio 7 + Atmel ICE SWD output?

Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:07 pm

Hi Zoltan,

Did you find a way to display the ITM messages in AS?
I am very interested in such capability and as you said - for some reason there is no info about it anywhere...


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