There is very hard to choose controller. Can you help?

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There is very hard to choose controller. Can you help?

Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:05 pm

Hi! Sorry for my bad english and maybe I chose the wrong section to start this topic, so please be patient )

For this time I have few completed projects made on Mega AVR chips. They are pretty enough and costs less.

But now I need a controller that have as many PWM-channels as possible, as many ADC as possible, at least one CAN- and Serial - transceiver. Also there is NO need in things such as TFT, Touch, decoders, camera interfaces and so on.
And is very important to be not so difficult to buy such chip, possibility to get it.

XMega cannot be used. Mega series have only 8 PWMs on Mega2560 (7 in reality because 2 are on the same pin)

The main goals of project are
- to control 2 three-phase very powerfull asynchronous AC motors. (2x6 PWMs per motor = 12 PWMs)
- comunicate with other controllers through CAN and Serial interfaces
- measure many parameters (temperatures, voltages, currents, frequencies and so on) and use them or re-send them

There are hundreds of hundreds controllers at the atmel site and to choose one I need to see param/datasheet page of every one.
Atmel controller-search allow to search based on pin-count or mips or frequency but not on their functions.
Is very hard and long is to comunicate with them.

So everyone can you give me an advice?

Thank you in advance!

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