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Hi to all!

I am working to a project involving WiFi+BLE module ATWINC3400 ; because this is a new Atmel product (October 2015)
there are not many details about it.
This module is used mostly as a slave , it has SPI, Uart, I2C; but I did not find any informations about what kind of commands it supports ; I did find a programming guide which use some C libraries provided by Atmel. With those libraries you can make a programm in another MCU to comunicate with the WiFi module .

My question is : are those libraries specific to Atmel's MCUs? Can I use another MCU (say PIC, STM , MSP etc) and those libraries to communicate with the WINC3400 module ?
Atmel site provide examples in which they used some development board based on SAMD21 MCU ( SAM D21 Xplained Pro)

They are written in C, my common sense says it should be possible. But can anyone confirm it?

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