atm6124.sys crashing PC

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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atm6124.sys crashing PC

Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:17 pm

For a long while I used SAM-BA in both USB mode and JTAG mode through a J-Link. Then, I noted at startup that the PC would reboot continuously when an AT91SAM7S with SAM-BA was plugged into a USB port. But it still worked OK once it had booted up. Yesterday I uninstalled the existing package and installed ISP 1.13. This crashes the computer instantly, as soon as atm6124.sys loads. The PC recognizes the chip and asks for a driver. I point it to the driver in the ISP 1.13, under sam-ba 2.9/drv. Then it crashes. As far as I can tell, this driver is not new at all, perhaps the same version that I had installed before.

Any ideas where to look, or better yet how to fix this problem ?


PS - I found that this problem is specific to my hardware. The driver does not cause a problem when I plug in an Olimex 7X256 or 7S256 board. My board is different in that it has a software controllable pull-up on the USB driven by A16, just like the Atmel demo board. My board works fine once my own software is installed, which also has a USB CDC driver. No problem plugging it in and booting my software - it comes right up and connects through the CDC right away.

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