Introduce A Better Windows CE 6.0 BSP for Atmel SAM9 device.

This forum is for users of Atmel's SAM Series and who are interested in using WinCE OS.

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Introduce A Better Windows CE 6.0 BSP for Atmel SAM9 device.

Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:06 am

Ref the following link: ... d-bsp.html

1. Support NAND XIP
Saved system memory
Make board boot faster.

2. CE Image boot in 10s with common OS components. Boot in 5s with reduced-component image.

3. Very cool booting display.
Splash logo screen are displayed after boot-up without any delay.
A 3D progress bar shows the booting process.

4. Very strong filesystem on NAND Flash.

5. Tools for fast mass production.
Put all image into a SD Card. Then simply boot from SD Card. Everything will be programmed into flash automatically in 1 minute.
Also support small SRAM device, such as AT91SAM9G10 and AT91SAM9261S.

6. A recovery partition in NAND flash for saving a backup image.
Restore the factory default system from EBOOT menu.

7. Many improvements for device drivers.
Serial driver: transmits full-bandwidth, no data lose.
Better SDHC support.

8. Unique ID support.
Support hardware unique id device. Such as one-wire DS2431.
Support software unique id solution. A unique id will be programmed to flash by the SD-CARD flash tool, or hand input by EBOOT menu.
Support auto generate mac address based on the unique id. However you should buy the mac address from IEEE group.

9. User mode library for access non-standard hardware like GPIO, CAN, etc.
Compatible with our BSPs for other platform.
Help customer easy to migrate to high-end platform.
C++ and C# examples.

10. Support screen rotation.
Both boot logo and progress bar can rotate together with main screen.

11. Some useful add-ons.
A low cost 8x8 keypad solution. ZLG7290.
External watchdog driver.
LCD backlight CPL driver.
Debug application over ethernet.
Remote desktop server. Watch and control the CE box on PC.

12. Documentations.

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