Downloads at are rejected :-(

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Downloads at are rejected :-(

Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:44 pm

Downloads at are rejected, by the error message

550 Can't change directory to /pub/demo/linux4sam_4.4/ Not a directory

a) if I try to download by Firefox browse on Linux - this error message
b) wget ftp://... ( and anonymous login ) - error message "no such file"
c) if I try to download by Firefox browse on Windows - first I got this error message too, but THEN download worked, while at the same time (a) and (b) did continue not to not work - means with one Firefox on Linux I can't download, on the other Firefox on Windows I may download (sometimes)

I have an account at
but this entering as FTP passwords did not help ( ok good as else I might destroy the download if I get write access ).

So please enable download again!

I reported both to the German Atmel ARM team personally, and I opened a ticket at Atmel support too :-)


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