Greetings, migrating from SAMD20 to SAM4S

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Greetings, migrating from SAMD20 to SAM4S

Tue May 03, 2016 10:53 am

Greetings all

I've been active on the "SAMD Cortex-M0+" thread of the forum for the last two years, as I did dev on my project, using a SAMD20J18. It was always going to be a squeeze, but after repeatedly running out of RAM space (which I reconfigured for) I have now run out of ROM space... with code still to write!

We had already decided to move to a bigger device some time back, but now it's a fact. :) So, hello to everyone here on the SAM4 thread, I'll be active here going forward (although I will check in on the SAMD thread as I still have something to contribute I hope!).

I'm starting with the porting of my code today, as soon as I get Atmel Studio 7 installed. Hopefully it should be doable without any tears! Any pointers of possible pit-falls would be helpful! :) (I use 4 USART's and the SPI, with callbacks... plus all the RAM I can get (queued events)! Ha ha ha I also have a hard fault handler, and use the BOD, WDT and RTC. It's gonna be a long haul!)

Go well.


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