Unable to halt processor(CPU) AT91SAM9260

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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Unable to halt processor(CPU) AT91SAM9260

Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:06 pm

:?: hi i am vikash
I am working in larsen and toubro(embedded system), Now i am working with AT91SAM9260 EK board and for burning code image i use atmel SAM_ICE jtag. I am working On a project in with Bootstrap,Bootloadert and Kernel phase. While testing i make a mistake in which i set the value DIVA and MULA by a certain value of 400Mhz in boot strap program.
Before this i can successfully change the PLL A frequency to 178,148,99 and 74MHz. but after this mistake(400 Mhz) i am trying to change the image. AND now when i connect atmel jtag so as to burn the new image it is showing error(UNABLE TO HALT CPU(PROCESSOR)).
Plz give me an idea to solve this problem and how it sow this error. I have to give delivery within 4 days.

i think you definately have solution. I am waiting for your reply.

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