Buildroot is 'a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation'

It uses the Linux Kconfig configuration system, allowing easy selection of system content. The Makefile will include a .config file generated by Kconfig. The content of this file will determine what should be built.

It is relatively easy from there to add your own programs so your entire build process is automated.

Home website :

The Buildroot user manual can help you better understand how Buildroot works.

Our policy is to have a full support of Xplained boards in the Buildroot Mainline. For this reason, there is no specific AT91 git repository for Buildroot.

Currently the Buildroot can build

  • at91bootstrap
  • u-boot-at91
  • linux-at91
  • A cross-compiler optimized for your SoC
  • Root filesystems of different types
  • Bootable SD card

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